Stuck With High Energy Bills?

You might need an HVAC repair & AC repair in Bolton, NC

A faulty HVAC system is a big issue. You could end up paying exorbitant bills for a system that doesn't even keep you comfortable. Luckily, Southern Comfort Heating and Air, LLC offers HVAC repair services in Bolton, NC. A technician from our team will perform troubleshooting to identify the issue. You'll have a functional and efficient heating or air conditioning unit in no time at all.

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No job is too complicated for us

No job is too complicated for us

What type of HVAC unit do you own? Our team can repair any make and model. When you need a mini-split, heat pump, gas furnace or central AC repair, you can depend on us. Plus, we're available 24/7 for emergency service.

Not sure if we can handle your HVAC repair? Ask a pro from Southern Comfort Heating and Air in Bolton, NC today.